We try to keep the use of our platform as simple as possible. Have a look at our FAQ below if you have questions about the use of the whiteboard or one of the interaction tools or watch an instructional video.

How do I start an activity?

You can start an activity by choosing an activity on the opening page. An information screen and a settings menu is available for all activities.

How can I participate in an activity?

You can participate in an activity by navigating to livecloud.online/join, enter your name and activity code here. If you do not know the activity code, ask the activity supervisor.

What does it cost to use Livecloud.online?

The use of LiveCloud.online is and remains free. Subscriptions are available if you want to use the expert functions, save multiple lessons or share your lessons; Have a look here for more information

What kind of functions and settings are available?

Various settings are available for each activity. To see them, click here .