Terms and Conditions LiveCloud.online

This document was last modified on November 24, 2021.

Article 1. Definitions

Article 2. Applicability and compliance with Conditions

Article 3. Account

Article 4. Obligations User/End User

Article 5. Obligations Provider

Article 6. Fees

Article 7. Liability

Article 8. Force majeure

Article 9. Intellectual Property Rights

Article 10. Confidentiality

Article 11. Cancellation Policy/Right of withdrawal

Article 11. Contact details

The Provider wants to offer its Users optimal service. If the User has a question, comment, or suggestion, you can contact us via the contact details below. The provider tries to respond to messages within five (5) working days.

Dorpsstraat 20
7251VW Vorden
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@livecloud.online

Chamber of Commerce: 70195021

VAT: NL001591018B51